Consignment Services : How it Works!

Consignment and Estate Sale Services in La Mesa and surrounding San Diego areas. 

We are currently accepting furniture, home decor, unique items and collectibles.  

We can provide full estate-sale services or just help with as little as one item! 

 We also want to buy your vinyl record collection.   


Please email us and send photos to for consideration! 

We approve all items that we love and/or believe we can successfully sell for you. 

We also sell high-priced items on Ebay.

     We have a very affordable 3rd party delivery and pick up company if you need assistance with that step.   

 Items we are especially interested in:  (We love both modern and vintage furniture)   

Farmhouse style furniture 

Painted furniture especially blues and whites 

Shabby Chic furniture 

Side Tables  

Leather furniture 

Dining sets built for 2 or 4 people 

Pub table sets 

Bars Patio furniture - especially Teak Small Desks Chest of drawers (tall dressers) 

Vintage furniture (50's, 60's) 

Bookcases and bookshelves and nightstands  

We are also especially good with vintage electronics (turntables, console stereos, radios, receivers, speakers etc...) (and much more) 

Have you seen our vinyl records section?  We buy your used vinyl records - call for more information  

 Items we are NOT taking at this time Entertainment centers, China Hutches, Appliances, Floral sofas, Grandfather clocks, and Upholstered furniture that needs cleaning or has pet hair.   

**Note - please don't bring items to the shop without prior approval. We don't want to turn you away at the door. If you already have things loaded and you need us to take a look to approve please come prior to 3pm any day we are open**     

If you haven't worked with a Consignment shop before - here's the technical explanation:    "Consignment shop" is an American term for those second-hand shops that sell used goods for owners (consignors), typically at a lower cost than new. Not all second hand stores are consignment shops. In consignment shops, it is usually understood that the consignee (the seller) pays the consignor (the person who owns the item) a portion of the proceeds from the sale. (For us it is 50%) Payment is not made until and unless the item sells. The consignor retains title to the item and can end the arrangement at any time by requesting its return.(For us if you take it away before 90 days have expired you have to pay us a 10% restocking fee) A specified time is commonly arranged after which, if the item does not sell, the owner can reclaim it For us it's 90 days